समुन्द्र से कब्बडी – This scene and dialogue from Hindi Movie ‘Dear Zindagi’ teaches us many life lessons


In the first trailer of Shah Rukh Khan and Alia Bhatt starrer Hindi Bollywood movie Dear Zindagi is out and the film seems to be an inspiring one.

In the first scene of the trailer you will see Shah Rukh Khan saying:

मेरे डैड हर संडे मुझे जहाँ लाया करते थे! समुन्द्र से कब्बडी खेलने!

Alia Bhatt asks surprisingly

समुन्दर से कब्बडी?

This is a very beautiful scene which can’t be described in words. When Shah Rukh shows how to play Kabaddi with sea waves, even Alia Bhatt gets surprised. This scene is such beautiful that it teaches us many lessons.

Nature is beautiful so as our mind. Its upto us as how we look at things.

Nature can be our best friend. Only thing is we need to establish that connect.

Even if we are alone in this world, still there are reasons we can make ourselves happy.

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