10 Interesting things about Zhu Zhu: The Tubelight actress who stars opposite Salman Khan

Pic: YouTube.com

Zhu Zhu-sounds a very interesting name but what was the name’s origin is often a question so intriguing from the time the name has appeared alongside Salman Khan in the film- “Tubelight”. It’s a small story behind the name. When this Chinese girl was born she was a nice looking girl. Whoever came to see her just repeated the word “nice” two times, nice in Chinese term means “Zhu” and this how she was named Zhu Zhu. She is the Chinese actress about whom now the world is talking and from the time she has been introduced opposite to Salman Khan, she has been into more limelight.

Here are some very interesting facts about her we all need to know.


Zhu Zhu was born in a military family in Beijin, China. Her grandfather was part of the People’s Liberation Army and fought quite a few wars.


In China, it’s a tradition that the children’s over there must pursue electronics and same was the case with Zhu Zhu. She has a degree in electronics and information engineering from the Beijing Technology and Business University.

The Designing Career

Post her Graduation, Zhu Zhu pursued designing as her first career before she was selected as a VJ for MTV, China. Zhu Zhu continued with her this career for a long time.

Her passion for acting

An student of electric engineering who in her initial years worked as a host for MTV, China and the work landed her to her first film- the remake of What Women Want and finally she was following her acting dreams. She knew her passion from her early age. She also acted in plays.

Music-her second passion

For Zhu Zhu, music is her second passion. When she got selected for a singing contest on MTV and took first place in Beijing and came third in the national final. In singing a new talent had emerged and following she got involved with MTV as a host too.

Challenging roles

Zhu Zhu likes to take on more challenging roles, roles she can perform with more depths. Previously Zhu Zhu has played ancient characters a lot and in future she would like to play roles which have extraordinary requirements.

Fond of Horses

Like her co-star Salman Khan, the actress like horses too. She even knows how to ride them perfectly. Zhu Zhu is well trained in riding horses and can control then with a perfect level as a master would do.

Talent Management Agency

Zhu Zhu’s talent is managed by a Talent Management Agency-CAA. The agency manages all the contract of the actress and her upcoming works in big projects. This is the same agency which holds the contract for actresses like Deepika Padukone and Priyanka Chopra.

Love life

Zhu Zhu in her previous years had dated Lapo Elkann, an Italian entrepreneur and grandson of Gianni Agnelli (CEO of Fiat Automobiles) for a year till 2013. Currently, the actress- Zhu Zhu is single.

A good learner

Zhu Zhu has well trained herself in Hindi language for her role in the film. Her diction is also very well praised. As it is known that for actresses who owe their identity to foreign films often failed to get in touch with the language but Zhu Zhu is a  fast learner and has a good approach.

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