10 Leading Actors of Crime Patrol – One of the Most Watched Show in India

Crime Patrol is the most watched crime show. The reason is their way of presenting true stories with perfect dramatization. As in our previous article, we discussed about name of some female actresses of the crime show, Crime Patrol and in this very next article, we are going to discuss about male actors of crime patrol who have portrayed some real life characters and played them really well. Crime Patrol as known is famous for showcasing true crime stories and projecting them with accuracy and this is one of the plus point of the show.

Here is the list of some male actors who are a continous part of the show.

Sudeep Sarangi   

The actor who has also appeared in other television shows is now a part of the crime patrol series and has done variety of roles, a working man to a criminal, Sudeep Sarangi has perfected his every role in each episode. With the intense look he carried, he had been offered many roles.

Pic: Tellychakkar.com

Jatin Shah

Mostly seen in serious roles in the crime show. Jatin Shah has been featured as a working man in episodic stories and also he worked on other roles too in the show. Jatin Shah can be seen as a multiple actor in the show.

Pic: Tellychakkar.com

Amit Ghosh

An actor of negative roles in the crime show. Featured as a conspiracy guy who do all the planning work before committing a crime. Amit Ghosh has come up in many episodes in the same role, a criminal from different regions.


Nissar Khan

The police officer in crime patrol who solved even the most heinous of crimes. Nissar Khan has rarely done any other role other than the police officer one in the show. He is the actor who is mostly seen in the positive role.

Pic: Twitter

Sanjeev Tyagi

An actor who appeared both in negative and positive character in the show and is also a well weaved actor. Sanjeev Tyagi has done numerous roles in crime patrol, from village head to police officer to a criminal. His perfection in his roles can be seen clearly.


Abhishek Khandekar

As a inspector and a sub-inspector and a father, Abhishek Khandekar has done serious roles. He is basically seen in the police station scenes, studying  and clearing the details of the cases. Also he can be seen in every second episode of the show.


Rajendra Shisatkar

The main police officer who is always seen in a positive role in the crime show. He is shown as a police officer who never betrays his duty and is always ready to show his effort towards every case. Rajendra Shisatkar features almost in every episode.

Pic: Inside Stories

Moin Khan

The lead officer who checks every people and suspect related to crime and never misses an opportunity. Apart from playing and honest and dedicated officer, Moin Khan has done other roles too in the show. His on screen appearance is regular.


Sandhit Tiwari

A lover and a husband in the show and has appeared mostly in similar roles and has also done other roles too. Sandhit Tiwari has often played innocent characters on screen.


Mazher Sayed

The actor who played as a husband, criminal and other roles too. Mazher Sayed has been a important part of the series and is still playing his roles in many of the episodes.

Pic: Apne TV

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