10 Must Watch Hindi Bollywood Movies Based on Biggest Ever Tragedies Happened in India Post Independence

Our history had been long and has come up a long way since Independence. Our ancestors fought the freedom war and gave us a new revolutionarise era but that war didn’t came to a stop there only, war is still being fought, some with rivalry, some with conspiracy and some with deep thinking. As a result, India witnessed some tragic stories that shook the whole world. Some of the tragic stories were chose by our filmmakers and they shown as it happened. These were the most acclaimed films and have been watched to know the reality behind the pain.

Here is the list.

1) 31st October – (1984 Riots of Delhi)

Based on 1984 riots of Delhi followed after Indira Gandhi’s assassination. A Sikh family got trapped in Delhi, a riot affected part during the anti-sikh riots. 31st October was totally based on facts and was an absolute reality of what had happened during the riots.


2) Bhopal: A Prayer for Rain – (On Bhopal Gas Leak Incident)

Based on Bhopal gas leaked incident that killed the city. Claimed ten thousand lives in just few hours and was the biggest industrial disaster in the human history. The story was inspired by all real events. true facts aren’t introspected in the film.


3) Airlift – (Biggest ever rescue operation for Indians outside India)

The biggest rescue mission by India outside India and was done by Indian Airlines. The story of one man who became the voice of 1,70,000 countrymen’s. The story happened in August 1990 when Iraq invaded Kuwait and Indian Airlines helped their own country people.


4) Neerja – (Plane Hijack)

The plane Hijack in which Neerja Bhanot lost her life and died a heroic death. The movie is based on her life. Pan Am Flight 73 was hijacked by three terrorists on 5th September 1986 in when the plane landed in Karachi. Her story is one the bravest as she saved hundreds of lives.


5) The Attacks of 26/11 (Mumbai Terrorist attacks)

Based on terrorists attack in Mumbai. The attacks happened on 26/11 and kasab got arrested after a army operation that lasted for many hours. A part of terrorism had raged a proxy war against India and this led 26/11 that killed many innocent lives.


6) Madras Cafe (Assasination of Former Indian Prime Minister Mr. Rajiv Gandhi)

Based on the assassination of Former Indian Prime Minister, Mr. Rajiv Gandhi planned in the hands of terrorist group. Madras Café reveals the plot as how the actual killing was planned by readying human bombs that was finally achieved.


7) Zameen (Hijacking of Indian Airlines Flight 814 by Terrorists)

Based on Hijacking of Indian Airlines Flight 814 by terrorists. The fact was taken in the movie when a few terrorist hijack an Indian aeroplan and demand raised that their leaded, the head of the terrorist should be released.


8) Kai Po Che (Gujarat Earthquake and Gujarat Riots)

Based on Gujarat earthquakes and Gujarat riots. Three friends in order to realize their goals in the city,  they must face religious disparities, politics, riots and earthquakes. Kai Po Che depicted the reality of the time.


9) Black Friday (Mumbai blasts)

Based on 1993 serial bomb blasts in Bombay that were fully planned. The film told the stories of different people that were involved in the bomb blasts that happened on Friday.


10) LOC Kargil (Kargil Infiltration)

Based on the Kargil War also known as Kargil conflict that happened between India and Pakistan between May and July in 1999 along the Line Of Control. The film depicted the bravery of our heroes and the bravery they shown.


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