2017 = 100% – Let’s make this New Year a Year for all our Dreams, Their Achievement should be our only Mission


We are just one day away from entering into the new year. The all of 2016 had been went and now there is no other option than to look for 2017, the coming next year. This is very simple, like every year, let’s make a resolution and aim and focus for that. We have goals to set and goals to achieve and such is our personality. So, why not give it a full hundred percent of what we are going to do.

Recently, a film got released, Dangal which won many hearts has also taught us that without giving our full 100%, even the gold cannot be ours s to fulfill that one hundred percent, all we need is a strong focus on our aims.

Apart from the above said things, let’s also make 2017 a year to discover India from a different point of view. Let’s celebrate festivals with togetherness, let’s make a difference and create unity amongst us, let’s support our country for the right things.

As we all hope that may the coming year must be a success year for all of us out there and may love be around us.

BnR films have presented a beautiful short film that stands for all of our things.

2017 is the coming 100% year and we ought to give our 100% to ourselves.

We here at Motivate.me wish you all a very happy and prosperous new year. Be Motivated for new heights.

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