3 Strong Reasons to watch Natalie Portman starrer ‘Jackie’ – Movie based on Story of First Lady in the White House and her life following the assassination of her husband, President John F. Kennedy


Mostly we watch movies for entertainment. But some movies we should watch to update our knowledge. ‘Jackie’ is a movie which will not only engage you but will also show you some hidden aspects of life of First Lady in the white house.

‘Jackie’ showcases life of Jackie Kennedy, First Lady in the White House and her life following the assassination of her husband, President John F. Kennedy, in 1963. This movie is made so beautifully that it has these reasons which makes it must watch.

Revisiting History

People who are not from that era when assassination of American President John F. Kennedy took place have a chance to go through the history lane to know what exactly happened in those days when few bullets shocked America. Going through history always gives you many lessons to learn. Like in one of the scene William Walton says “People need their history. They need to know that real men actually lived here.”


Life is not a fairy tale

Life looks beautiful from outside but it’s not easy if we look from close. Jackie Kennedy, the first lady looked beautiful as wife of American President. Any ordinary person would like to live that life. But when you will see her life in the film it will show you one another painful aspect of life. In one of the scene Jacqueline Kennedy says “People like to believe in fairytales. Don’t let it be forgot that for one brief shining moment there was a Camelot. There won’t be another Camelot. Not another Camelot.”


Life after death

Sometime life changes suddenly when someone close to us dies. Jacqueline Kennedy’s life was a complete fairy tale until her husband John F. Kennedy dies. Things which looked easy becomes terrific. Jacqueline Kennedy defines it as “I’m not the First Lady anymore. I lost Jack somewhere. I was real, that was performance.”


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