‘A Monster Calls’ Movie Dialogues – Fantasy Drama, a boy who feels very damaged, guilty and mostly angry


There was once an invisible man who had grown tired of being unseen. It was not that he was actually invisible, it was just that people had become used to not seeing him. One day the invisible man couldn’t stand it anymore. He kept wondering if no one sees you are you really there at all. He called for a monster.

Okay, are you ready? There we go. What color is that?

Yeah. Maybe if we take a pencil and then we make a face, and then we see the life in the eyes, life is always in the eyes.

There’s our monster.

You’re coming to live me with me. Don’t touch anything.

I know everything about you, Connor O’Malley. The truth you dream, the truth that you hide.

I know everything about you, the truth that you hide, the truth that you dream.

That tree is amazing. It’s been here for thousands of years.

How does the story begin?

With a boy, too old to be a kid, too young to be a man.

Me and you, we’re a team.

I’m sorry that you have to face this, but you have to be brave, do you understand?

What shall I destroy next?

Break the windows!

Break them yourself.

It’s okay that you’re angry, I’m angry too, and if you need to break things, by God you break them.

I wish I had a hundred years, a hundred years I could give to you.

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