A more easier way on Surgical Strike again by Pallavi Joshi – Easy Hai


One Surgical Strike and every other news, videos were making headlines and the effect was such that everyone was knowing that what the surgical strike was and why was it done. Also the way was much more complicated as it was one which was done by full planning and a strong strategy sequence which was praised all over.

Things did not end here only. Surgical strike became one such issue which was being discussed in every household as praises for the army and their courage n all. But the easiest definition comes here. Often wonder what a surgery is or what it’s all about, something precise, being operated and fixing it in the most appropriate way and such how Pallavi Joshi came up with.

She came up with an perfect example. Suppose Sachin Tendulkar and Rahul Dravid are on the batting field and Shoaib Akhtar, the fast bowler from Pakistan has been continuously bowling hard and bouncers. Then there are super umpires like UN and a third umpire who is on side.

Now when it’s becoming hard to take the charge on Shoaib’s ball and to deal with the perfect way as he is unstoppable so following, there was only a little change that for once, Rahul Dravid who is on non-strike point traces the action of Shoaib Akhtar’s bowling speed and how he gripped the ball and just the very moment he indicated Sachin Tendulkar on the action by his bat signal and what followed was a shot from Sachin Tendulkar which scored a hit and win and as expected the super umpires came in, doesn’t matter how Shoaib and third umpire will react. This was the kind of Surgical Strike.

This video of Pallavi Joshi on Surgical Strike is as entertaining as it could be.

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