A Soldier himself is the evidence of a safe Nation proves this brilliant Army Surgical strike video of V Seven Pictures


How would you feel when you are being held as a guilty after doing something very right that is much needed and then how would you feel if someone accepts your loyalty but then it still comes under scrutiny or some kind of interrogation that is useless and still you have to have provide the so called needed proofs not for proving your loyalty but for proving that you had done this. It’s the same thing that our soldiers are currently going through. We are talking about the latest action from the Army across LOC which was later named as Surgical Strike by Indian Army where it revenged and killed the terrorists in the Pakistan range.

After the Uri attacks done by terrorists on our soldiers, the army went for a much crucial decision to avenge the death of our soldiers and as a result they crossed the border and happened what was most expected and the operation was successful but one thing remains like a cactus point. Our politicians still doubt our Army’s efforts and especially Mr. Arvind Kejriwal. His statements had led to many questions which in turn fall on him as a burden and this is a dramatically representation of exactly what a soldier would feel and how will he respond back.

As two soldiers killed some terrorists across the border, they started out with a little conversation. Upon killing them, one soldier asked the other to carry the dead bodies just to proof that they have killed them and one name comes out- the man with a muffler and a cap will definitely asks for proof which will decide that they have been killed by the soldiers. The story is been set by an example of Ramayana and the Vibhishan which is definitely a worth a watch to understand how a soldier would go in such a circumstance.

And last but not the least- A Soldier is himself is the evidence of a safe Nation. Always remember that.

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