‘A United Kingdom’ Movie Dialogues – Period Biopic tells the True Story


Father will hate him on sight. He’s cleverer than him and he’s black.

I’ve met the man I want to spend my life with!

Are you insane! White, British, and she’s a salesman daughter!

My father, he wouldn’t approve. I’m just two streets away. Can we do this again? I mean meet? Is that too forward of me?

Queen Victoria. The man who negotiated for her protection of Bechuanaland, he was my grandfather. A king. I am his heir.

Oh. I see. Thank you. Thank you for explaining, not simply disappearing. I quite understand.

I have had a wonderful evening.

No, I don’t think you do understand. I don’t know what happened tonight, but I do know that I would hate to walk away from you here, in this moment, knowing that I wouldn’t see you again.

I mean see me again, I mean.

My grandfather was a king, I am his heir. I have a responsibility to return home to my people.

But I will never achieve anything worthwhile if I leave my heart here.

I am the government’s representative in Southern Africa. The policy of apartheid, do you know this word? If you choose to marry the leader of an African nation you will be responsible for the downfall of the British Empire in Africa. Have you no shame?

I will speak to my nephew alone. Refreshment will be provided for you in the house.

Over two decades of preparing you to be our king and this is how you face me. A white woman by your side.

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