Actress Shruti Hassan doesn’t like anyone calling women using the word ‘’Bitch’’ and she has got few things to say regarding that in her new video


Actress Shruti Hassan daughter of highly popular actor Kamal Hassan is a well known actress who has made deep impact on the film goers with her superb acting skills and pretty face. Recently her film titled ‘’Premam’’ in Telugu language was released and it is was hit all over and was spoken highly by the movie goers.

It is well known that she always speaks from her heart and is very bold actress in the film industry. Recently she in her new video titled ‘’Shruti Hassan Unblushed’’ made great noises. In this superb video produced by Culture Machine and directed by Akanksha Seda she reacts strongly against men who treat women badly and calls them as ‘’Bitch’’. Shruti Hassan in this video says why women community must be respected and not be called using names by men as they wish.

It must be noted that the lines like ‘’Bitch is a teacher who stands against the system’’ plus ‘’Bitch is a eye roll you make to classify any women who is not your cup of tea just because she refuses to pout it’’ etc are superbly spoken in husky voice of actress Shruti Hassan and these words are tremendous.

Actress Sruti Hassan has taken the respect for women community to another level now with this sensational video and wants women genders be given due respect for what they do to themselves and their family. Great Shruti Hassan!!

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