Age is Just a Number for Them –Hindi Bollywood Film Actresses who still Looks Beautiful despite their growing ages

Beauty is Evergreen and its one such thing which even the time can’t snatch away. Beauty is dignified gracefully and has praises always. In this article, we are going for the Hindi Film Actresses who have now grown old but still they set the temperature high and still look drop dead gorgeousness. They have the knack of getting the screen stolen by their beauty. They ruled and they are still ruling.

Below are some names that are still known for their beauty.

Hema Malini

The top actress and the dream girl of every heart. Hema Malini is the most beautiful actress that Bollywood has ever seen. She has carried her charm so well that even producers are offering her roles in their films.


Poonam Dhillon

The film and TV actress who once gained Femina Miss India. Poonam Dhillon has acted in many films with the lead role. She was first noticed by Yash Chopra after which her filmy career get a start. She is described as the evergreen beauty which by the time is getting only fairer.


Simi Garewal

The actress who came in Mera Naam Joker. Simi Garewal has a charm in her beauty and she still looks as young as she was in her twenty’s. Her beauty is a classic example of what could be achieved even after years.

Pic: IndianDhamal.Com

Sharmila Tagore

The actress who achieved success at a very young age and all credits to her dignified beauty. The legend of beauty, Sharmila Tagore bagged many filmfare awards. In the coming awards, Lux is also celebrating her beauty.

Pic: Alchetron


The first female superstar of Hindi Cinema and she still looks fabulous as she was in her early days of career. There are only some actresses in the industry who can match the level of beauty over the years and Sridevi is one of those actresses who truly stands par.


Madhuri Dixit

Such gorgeousness that can’t be competed and no one can beat her in the fairer competition. She is the most stunning actress Bollywood has ever seen and she is the only actress that can set screen on fire. She is known as the queen of eternal youth.



Elegance is the word for her. No matter how old she grows but it’s her beauty that will remain for years and years. One such actress in the industry who keeps her look simple yet glorifies her very charm. Rekha is the synonym of beauty and in every term she is the winner.


Dimple Kapadia

The incredible beauty with the most stunning looks who even without make-up steals had the capability to steal the show. Though Dimple Kapadia had many features that describes her beauty but her eyes are the ones that say a lot.

Pic: News World India

Neetu Singh

The perfect example of Ageless beauty who over the years have just turned to more beautiful. A beautiful lady with beautiful features that convey the most of her.


Shabana Azmi

The graceful and the most beautiful face in the Indian Cinema. There is a only feature that keeps us hooked on to her is her mesmerizing feature and simply we can’t get away off from her this feature. Shabana Azmi has aged beautifully.


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