AIB’s extremely funny and rib-tickling take on the Demonetization scenario is a riot!


Demonetization has taken India by storm and the common man has been at the centre of this storm, unable to make his way through it. It will be quite some time before the dust settles and a clear vision will emerge. AIB has always given a unique and humorous perspective through its videos and The Demonetization Circus is no different.

There are four-five main characters in this video who have their own take about the entire confusing situation that the demonetization of Rs 500 & Rs 1000 has created. While one keeps giving gyaan to a chaiwala, another smart guy takes advantage of the naivety of his employee. A bank employee also takes the narrative forward by talking to his customers about the entire issue. All India Bakchod is a highly popular YouTube channel that infuses humour in a routine situation with their funny tongue-in-cheek remarks.

The radio plays a very important role in the entire narration and has the PM addressing the nation asking for certain days, months and years in increasing numbers and really tackles our funny bone. The funniest part in the video comes when the line in front of the ATM is shown in outer space with everyone wearing a space suit, and someone asking if it is an HDFC queue or an SBI queue. Enjoy the rollicking video here!

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