AIB’s New video on how Bollywood Film stars promote their films is absolutely savage and spares no one


Internet is coming up with a new trend from Bollywood stars. They have been giving up their latest films challenge to their co-stars who in return are giving the same favour to other co-stars by tagging them and then comes AIB who has to do with everything and almost anything and what they make out is complete laughter riot.

This time with ‘Lafzon ka Twerk’. The video is all about those Bollywood stars who go just to promote a film that sucks just as much as the video challenges like Beat Pe Booty challenge.

Tanmay Bhatt plays a desperate film producer who wants from his creative team to come up with a campaign for his upcoming flop and in the effort, he and his team came up with some very weird ideas for the promotion of their film, “Gilli Gilli Akka” and all wants is a buzz of the film and in return gets charged with cases every time. The result of creating such a buzz is absolutely a laugh riot.

This Bollywood sense is Mind-Blowing.

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