Amber Heard- This 30 year old actress read words written by Emily Doe at the Glamour’s ’’Woman of the Year’’ awards and she is sensational

Pic: Flickr

One actress who has made huge impact on many viewers all over with her superb acting skills and beauty is none other than actress Amber Heard. It must not be forgotten that in 2004 she made her debut in a film named ‘’Friday Night Lights’’ directed by peter berg and this film was superb hit at the box office.

Amber Heard since then has been spoken in high regards by many people. Recently an event in Los Angeles was spoken highly by many. This Glamour’s ’’Woman of the Year’’ award event was held there and actress Amber Heard made her appearance felt at the event as she read the words written by Emily Doe.

It is known that this Emily Doe was sexually assaulted by former Stanford University swimmer named Brock Turner. It is now said that the unnamed woman along with others like Gwen Stefani, Ashley Graham, Zendaya etc was recognized as the ‘’Woman of the Year’’.

It is now brought out that Amber Heard along with others like Freida Pinto and Gabourey Sidibe read Emily does court statement. It is now said that Emily Doe’s words like ‘’ I am here and ‘’I am not the floppy thing you found behind the garbage’’ etc touched the hearts of many there.

It is now clear that Glamour before this event had the cast of Girls do Emily Doe’s essay and that was all about the happenings after Emily’s powerful letter to turner went viral.

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