Anup Soni, The Actor who Became a Household name after the Tremendous Success of Crime Patrol


First appeared in Sea Hawks, then in CID – Special Bureau and then in Crime Patrol and with the high TRP of the series, Anup Soni too has touched the tremendous success  and now he is known in every household, in other words, Anup Soni has now became an household name. Anup Soni has been the favorite anchor since the show had began and is still ruling the hearts all over. Beside doing Television, Anup Soni has also acted in numerous films. His journey was long. Let’s have a insight into his life.

The only television actor

Anup Soni is a graduate from NSD Delhi and since then had a successful career in television and also he is the only actor who became successful in the three mediums of entertainment i.e. TV, Theatre and Films.

A better person

Anup Soni since the show has changed a lot and started taking things in a much different manner with a different perspective and also has changed his perspective towards life now. According to Anup Soni, he has transformed into a better person.

Involvement in the show

Anup Soni’s involvement in the show is not as an anchor only but also he is involved in the creative and research aspect too. Whenever he came across any case that needs to be shown, he discuss it with his team immediately.

A Positive person

Amidst all negativity and while hosting Crime Patrol, Anup Soni didn’t let any sort of negativity touch him. He has taken a lot of positive things from the show and in real life, he likes himself to keep on positive side and never lose bearings.

Not a Typical Anchor

Anup Soni has been hosting the crime show, Crime Patrol for quite a long time and over these years, Anup Soni has raised the awareness against the crime that is happening. Unlike other anchors, Soni keeps it point to point and let his views pass clearly.

Into limelight

Anup Soni has started his career with the famous show, Sea Hawks and then Saaya which brought him into limelight. Apart from acting, Anup Soni has also been a teacher at an acting school where Apoorva Agnihotri and Akshaye Khanna were his students.

The struggle period

Anup Soni though started his career with serials but his major goals was films and after shifting to Mumbai, he was trying hard to get a role in which he rejected many bog offers from big banners but ultimately when films didn’t worked out, he returned to television.

Go with the passion

The actor believes that passion shouldn’t be left at any cost. It’s the passion that helps you to achieve the goal in life you ever wanted to and rest is your talent that makes you of who you are. The belief must be kept strong.

Keeping it simple

As an anchor, Anup Soni on airing of every crime case keeps its simple. He never sensationalise any case or any issue.

Becoming Famous

Anup Soni after the anchoring of the show has reached many houses because of the show timings and gradually he was known everywhere.

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