Ashmit Patel shares an incident when even Mahesh Bhatt couldn’t do anything about his Pakistan visa for film promotion

Pic: Wikimedia Commons

Bollywood film director Mahesh Bhatt is known for supporting Pakistani actors. He gets lot of critism in India for his support to Pakistani actors. Here we are sharing an incident (shared by Ashmit Patel) which shows how even Mahesh Bhatt was proved wrong by Pakistani establishment.

“When I did the film Nazar it was with Meera who was a top Pakistani actress then and it was the first co-production between India and Pakistan. Mahesh Bhatt of Vishesh films and a Pakistani co-production were involved.

There was a trailer of the film that was released in a film festival in Karachi where one shot had me pecking Mira on her lips which created a huge furore in Pakistan. They asked how can an Indian boy, that too a Hindu kiss, a Pakistani Muslim girl?

So when the film was being premiered in Pakistan, everyone went except me because my visa was rejected.

That stayed with me for long. I was very hurt because it was an important film for me and Bhatt Saab spoke to the then President of Pakistan Shaukat Aziz but even he said that he couldn’t do anything.”

Source: Indian Express

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