Ashutosh Bhiman- This 21 year old singer from Rampur in Uttar Pradesh made many people dance to his tunes in Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu with his Sufi and Hindi songs

Pic: HT

Singer Ashutosh Bhiman is in the news now. Recently in Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu he performed at the diners at On the Go and in That’s Y Food and made deep impact on many people’s hearts with his superb skills in music. It is now said that Ashutosh Bhiman had performed in the industrial city of Coimbatore for the second time with great success. Ashutosh Bhiman spoke about how he had many doubts initially regarding the people of Coimbatore would react to Sufi and Hindi film songs.

He also spoke about the support he received from the people there and did superb justice to his singing talent. It is now certain that his songs ‘’Kabira’’ from the movie ‘’Yeh Jawani Hai DIwani’’ and ‘’Arzian’’ from the film delhi6 are sensational. It was great to hear that his songs were welcomed by the people in Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu who clapped, foot tapped plus sung and even danced along with him with amazing joy.

Rampur in Uttar Pradesh must feel proud that its son Ashutosh Bhiman was able to make great impression in many people’s hearts in Tamil Nadu.

Ustaad Junaid Akthar Khan and Manish Mehra are his two gurus who were responsible for Ashutosh Bhiman’s greatness in singing and playing guitar respectively. Ashutosh Bhiman spoke about how he wanted to consolidate his voice and technique so that it would be useful for him in the film industry. It is now confirmed that Ranjana Singhal the owner of the On the Go and Thats Y Food would be bringing this singer again soon. Awesome news!!

Photo & Article Source : HT

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