Ashwni Dhir – His Journey from a Medical Representative to Hindi Films Industry


Ashwni Dhir is a known name in Indian Film and Television Industry. In his career, he has directed films Atithi Tum Kab Jaaoge and Son Of Sardaar. Also he has been the writer and producer of television shows like Chidiya Ghar. If we look at his career graph and the pattern in which he has provided us entertainment clearly shows the inside roots of people’s daily lives.

Ashwni Dhir today have made it large in the industry but to make it to such extent, in the past there was a long journey. The journey of coming to Bombay, the journey to survive, the journey to struggle and the journey of making it big. His life is no less than a filmy side.

Let’s have a look.

Early life and education

Ashwni Dhir is a Punjabi but brought up in Kanpur. His father worked in Kanpur as a banker. After finishing his tenth from Christ Church college, he graduated in Economics and then pursued journalism as a part of his career.


Ashwni Dhir was never interested in academics and also he was quite a prankster in college. More than studies, there was something else that interested him more. It was Sufi music and Hindi and Urdu poetry. Ashwni Dhir spent his pocket money on buying them.


From his childhood days, Ashwni Dhir was always interested in writing. Earlier in his life, he saw two films- Ankush and Pratighat. The two films were as such that they had no strong star-cast and also the two films were director’s driven films. to Ashwni Dhir, it was only the director’s medium and from the time, he wanted to become one.


Thinking of the medium and hi combined interest and passion had led Ashwni Dhir to apply for an direction course in NSD (National School of Drama), Delhi but unfortunately, he got rejected. The aim to pursue to a director’s course was left in half.

Train to Mumbai

Ashwni Dhir had to take up a living and so he decided to took up a job. He started working as a medical representative which give him 6,000 in three months. With those 6,000, he took a train to Mumbai, at the age of 21.

Mumbai-Early days

After shifting to Mumbai, he stayed with one of his relatives and shortly two months after, he shifted to a PG. He went to Shirdi and prayed over there for a chance of work in Mumbai for films. He wanted a chance so that he can stand himself.

Way into films

In Mumbai, Ashwni Dhir visited many production houses for work including, Mukul Anand and N Chandra’s office for work but unfortunately he didn’t get a chance to meet them. Later Ashwni Dhir visited Anil Sharma’s office. Ashwni Dhir waited for three days to meet him and finally the chance striked. Seeing his determination, Anil Sharma kept him as an assistant.

Way into Television

A few years later, Dipti Naval gave him a break in television and he started writing television serials. He wrote the much acclaimed serial “Office Office” and got appreciated for it. He also produced a small stories of his own.

Break into Bollywood

Seeing his television work, he was offered to write for a number of Bollywood films. From then, Ashwni Dhir has pick up his writing work for big banners.

The matter of achievement

After Ashwni Dhir left Kanpur, he told his family members that he will come back only after he became something and he did what he said. Throughout, Ashwni Dhir’s life has been a filmy journey and he has lived it well.

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