Astad Deboo – Indian Contemporary Dancer and Choreographer, a True Worshipper of Art

Pic: MissMalini

Bollywood today has turned up to new heights, especially in the form of dance category that has evolved over the times. There are countless number of choreographers in the industry and so are dance steps and choreographer is an important part of the film and more than that, they are now the celebrity. But there are some Indian dancers and choreographers who remain unnoticed despite of being having so much talent and magic in them. One such name is Astad Deboo, an Indian Contemporary dancer and a choreographer for whom Art values still the most rather than the show business.

Astad Deboo is now ready to bring the “Eternal Embrace” at the National Centre for Performing Arts, Mumbai, holding a contemporary dance season 2016. Astad Deboo is now collaborating with the hearing impaired, the Salaam Balak Trust. He shared some of his views with an interview in Firstpost.

Pioneer of Modern Dancing

Astad Deboo is a pioneer of modern dance in India. He creates his dance form that is unique to him. The winner of Sangeet Natak Akademi Award, Astad Deboo has performed in many parts of the world.

Early Life

Born in Navsari, grew up in Kolkata and brought up in Jamshedpur, Astad Deboo has learned Kathak dance form for a very tender age and then kathakali which formed a unique dance style to him and thus labeled as the most creative dancer.

A contemporary Dancer in India

Astad Deboo is a contemporary dancer in India and similarly his view states that contemporary dance here in India is almost down and has no value just because Bollywood has taken over so much.

View on dance shows

Deboo believs that the circle of dance shows on TV is much bigger as the culture surrounds only Bollywood and classical art form is truly ignored because they can’t get TRP’s like other dance reality shows.

The Children’s Company

The hearing impaired that Deboo is working with is basically a children’s company, Salaam Balak Trust. They are challenged in every ways and over the time, Deboo has been working these children’s to make them capable enough.

The Narrator of movement and Dance

For a documentary film, Weaving of the Sari, Deboo worked as a interpreter where in each section he represented actions through movement and dance.

On work

For Deboo, his every work is challenging. He had done traditional dramas with the Manipur drummers and taught them well. Deboo has created masterpieces.

Eternal Embrace

It’s based on Bulley Shah’s poem, Maati and its duration is one full hour and in the said time duration its solo performance will give birth to its uniqueness. It’s purely has its base in a Rumi and Deboo can’t find anything better than Bulley Shah.

Original Score Contribution

The original score for the “Eternal Embrace” is been done by Yukio Tsuji, a composer and performer from Japan.

The Living Legend

Astad Deboo is considered as the “Living Legend” by the Japanese Media. He had been carrying his profession for years and is true sense, he is the Master.

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