Beautiful Dialogues of Movie ‘Ballerina’ – It’s all about dreams and complexities of Life


This beautiful animated movie has a story set in Paris in 1879. Félicie (Elle Fanning), an orphan has a dream to become ballerina at world’s best ballet school. But the story has a twist as she is stuck in the orphanage with her friend Victor (Dane DeHaan). Like Félicie, Victor too had a dream to become inventor. Their struggle continuous by going through all ups and downs. Here are some of the inspiring dialogues of the movie.

Some people see dreams for others

I will take you to this dance school and you will become the greatest dancer ever!

When you get the best help from someone

Victor! You are unbelievable.

One should always be ready to help others

Are you the caretaker? Yes, and you can stay with me until you get on your feet.

Learning is the best thing one could take

Every girl in this room has a chance to dance in my new ballet. Starting tomorrow we’ll have an audition.

Don’t feel shy to try something new

Can you dance? Yes. At least I think I can.

When you like someone

Who is that? Rudy. I love him. He’s so blond.

Don’t think about what others say

You can work as hard as you like, but you will always be nothing.

Passion is most important

So how do I get that part? Because you have something she can only dream of:  Passion.

When things are forced on you

Get that part, do you hear me!

When you feel happy to see someone happy

I have no idea why you’re happy, but it is great!

Always keep your dreams alive

We should never give up on our dreams.

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