Beautiful Dialogues of Movie Fifty Shades Darker – A Romantic Drama Sequel


This movie is a romantic drama. Story revolves around Christian Grey (Jamie Dornan) and Ana Steele (Dakota Johnson). Christian Grey tries to lure a thoughtful Ana Steele back into his life, who is trying to move on with her life without his guidance.

When you want to correct yourself

I want you back.

When you miscalculate things

I had no idea what this was going to become.

When you don’t see solution to a problem

I don’t see how this can work.

When you feel awkward

You just going to stand there gawking?

When you set terms

What do you want, Anastasia? This time no rules, no punishments, and no more secrets.

Some things doesn’t change

Do you think you’re the first woman who’s tried to save him?