Best Ever Media, Film, Entertainment, Social, Cultural, Business & Political TV Hosts of India

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A talk show is one where different topics are being discussed and talk about by the anchor person, known as the talk host. It’s a kind of TV Programming. A talk show is divided in subgenres, like there is a morning talk show and late night talk shows. These talk shows features celebrity guests and other people and came over and discuss their work and personal lives. The person who hosts any kind of talk show holds different personality and over the time, from Doordarshan to all these private channels, we have experienced different talk show hosts and how they are modified with the time.

Here are some talk show hosts which are still popular amongst us.

Siddharth Kak

The producer and the presenter of the famous old show Surabhi, the show which presented India’s cultural diversity. Born in Kashmir and brought up in Delhi, Siddharth Kak introduced the sweet era of talk shows to people.

Shekhar Suman

Introduced Movers and Shakers, the talk show with a touch of fashion and comedy. Shekhar Suman gets the freestyle hosting on the show. Shekhar Suman is also a famous television and Film personality who have acted over in many films.


The host of Phool Khile Hain Gulshan Gulshan, the first TV talk show that aired on Doordarshan  and interviewed film and TV personalities. It was the most successful show on the television. Tabassum has her own You Tube channel also known as Tabassum talkies.

Kapil Sharma

The host of famous show, Comedy Nights with Kapil and now The Kapil Sharma Show. The stand-up comedian who changed the face of comedy and after comedy nights, Kapil Sharma has hosted many talk and chat shows and also appeared in many other talk show with other hosts.

Rajat Sharma

The host of the very famous talk show Aap Ki Adalat on India TV. The show interviews many political and screen celebrities. Rajat Sharma asks a very straight questionnaires that are set according to rules and are based on full facts and information. Rajat Sharma is known for his unbiased reporting.

Cyrus Broacha

Host of the talk show, The Week that Wasn’t. The show basically gave spoof materials for some of the major news stories of the week and presented them in a much hilarious way. Cyrus Broacha himself is known as the man who didn’t take things seriously and turn them into humor.

Karan Johar

Hosts the famous talk and chat show, Koffee With Karan. All set in a stylish trend, the show comes face to face with film celebrities. Karan Johar himself also asks personal questions on the show. As a chat show host, Johar comes out as the perfect man who very well handles everything.

Farooq Shaikh   

The actor who is still remembered for his natural acting skills and more than that, for hosting the char show, Jeena Isi Ka Naam Hai. The show introduced celebrities and talked about their journey and life. Farooq Shaikh hosted in a very casual way and is still remembered.

Anupam Kher

The actor came up with his talk show, The Anupam Kher Show which takes on celebrities and their life and journey. Also the show carried a motivational message in the end. Anupam Kher carried the show in a much lighter way which looked more natural.

Amitabh Bachchan

The famous show, kaun Banega Crorepati. Basically a quiz show which offers the highest amount of money after winning the show. Amitabh Bachchan was the perfect man for the show and it was him and   his credibility that took the show to every next level.

Aamir Khan

Hosted the incredible talk show – Satyamev Jayate. The show stars celebrities and normal people and featured their stories to the world. The show raised awareness about different causes as well as helped many single organizations too. Aamir khan took up social issues and highlighted them well.

Farhan Akhtar

Hosted the chat show, Oye! It’s Friday! The show had got a cutting edge humor every time with new guests on the platform. It was the most stylish chat show hosted by Farhan Akhtar in the most unique way with demanding celebrities.

Simi Garewal

Hosted the famous chat show, Rendezvous with Simi Garewal. This show shows up as a one of a kind discussion where exceptionally open, media wise celebrities uncover their deepest emotions and impart confidences to a compassionate host.

Prabhu Chawla

A talk show hosted by Prabhu Chawla that uncovered the darkest side of a celebrity and politicians. Prabhu Chawla ask a very straight question directly linked to the person to whom he is interviewing.

Vir Sanghvi

Hosted the talk show, Star Talk which brings various stars on the platform and hosted a chat show with them on their life and other related things. Vir Sanghvi hosted the show in a very casual manner. In the show, everything was opened fairly.

Karan Thapar

Hosted the talk show, Devil’s advocate. Karan Thapar is a television and interviewer. Many politicians have done the talk show with Karan Thapar. The questions in the show were based on all facts and knowledge.

Subhash Lakhotia

Considered as the Tax Guru. He made tax related issues simpler and has spread awareness for amongst many people. He made things simpler. Though he had passed away but still his way of simplifying things was very much obvious.

Koel Purie

Hosted the chat show, On the couch with Koel on Headlines Today. She interviewed many guests including celebrities on her couch. She made it clear that she was going to be personnel while on the couch.

Richa Anirudh

Hosted the live talk show, Zindagi Live where she interviewed common people as well as celebrities and shares their story of success before their audience. Richa Anirudh had shown many such stories on the show which also worked as a motivator for many of the people.

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