Call it Feminism or an Independent thoughts of a Self-Dependent Women but this Bra Shopping Stand-up comedy by Aditi Mittal will simply woo your mind


By comedian Aditi Mittal this is the far most and the best explanation to the horrors of Bra Shopping and this will leave you into splits as how things are taken and carried away. Breasts and Tits are pulled off in the most hilarious way ever but there’s also a message at the end in the honor of Breast cancer awareness month.

In her latest stand-up act, the comedian has used her quirky mannerism to talk about the halo surrounding the concept of bras and breasts. She focuses on the main agenda of a Bra shopping with the counter man who known the perfect size somehow, in fact he is nothing less than an expert in scrutinising and determining bra sizes.

Aditi Mittal also talks about the circumstances that women face every day and also she talks about the surroundings Breasts and Tits. Aditi Mittal no doubt touches the exact cord and it rings well.

The act was done purposefully, to bring out a message about raising awareness about breast cancer. Aditi Mittal’s rib-tickling bone did it again and this time in the most hilarious way out on a subject which remains as a bar in the society. And it was done in the most perfect context.

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