Dangal Movie – A Full Pack of Motivation – Inspiring lessons to learn from the film based on Trailer


Dangal’s trailer is out and we are hell crazy with the characters. Everyone is talking about the greatness of the movie that how a father after years of silence has suddenly transformed and made his daughters a wrestling champion and on his wordings that “Gold to Gold hota hain”.

If we sum up, what we can conclude is that the movie is full of inspiration and certainly, we need to pick up those points and there is a possibility that whatever we took or learn from movie, will definitely have a impact on our lives. Lives matter, Winning matters.

Here are some inspiring thoughts we present before you.

The era of Indian Sports

If we talk about sports in our country, then we have wrestling amongst those sports having its counting in Indian Traditional sport. Now we have come up a long way in fact, the word wrestling also has been transformed into many fight seasons but what lies beneath is the true impact of free style wrestling in India.

Experience the true strength

In the trailer it is shown that Mahavir wanted a boy to win Gold but he was blessed with two girls. He underestimated them but when a neighbor comes complaining that his girls had beaten her boys badly, he understands the true strength of his daughters.

A girl born is a blessing

After Mahavir knows that his daughters had got the real courage and power, he understands their importance and finally get to know that a girl born is a blessing.

Girls too can play sports

Mahavir wanted his daughters to play wrestling and win. He trained them hard and rough proving that girls too can play sports. The real power is always hidden behind treasures.

Boys are fare lesser

In the promo, when Mahavir is mistaken and holds guilty his son for beating up the neighbor boys, his wife tell him the truth that, it is his daughters who have done this and not his son. Mahavir realized that courage lies in the girls too.

Doing the right thing

Mahavir realized that his daughters can make the country proud and on a immediate basis, he prepares some tough rigid schedule for training his daughters. And also he fights against all taboos that were stopping his way.

Preparations for achievements

Nothing is achieved overnight. Everything that is required to get your passion demands your time, your plans and your preparations. These are something’s which are defined as the key structures to get ahead of your schedule.

Develop your skills

It will take time but one day, you will succeed. You need to constant yourself in whatever your doing and giving your best is the best option. Practice, fall and rise again but make your skills perfect.

Never give up

There is always one thing that no matter what, never ever give up before the circumstances. Stand hard and stand tougher. Hard work and a positive attitude is the only key to reach success.

Gold will always be Gold

There comes a line in the promo, saying Gold to Gold hota hain meaning that achieve something which will be remember for life time.

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