Dialogues of Film ‘A Death In The Gunj” – Love, Lust, Romance, Friendship and almost everything is in this movie


Shutu, how are you? I am good. Exams over? Yes over Mashi.

Hey Shutu, open the dicky for Maniya.

Ma we are here.

Come on! Come inside!

Baba! Shutu! Just get my shawl. It’s on that chair.

You want to keep him? Can I? Yeah!

What are we calling this one? Fluffy! And who is going to look after Fluffy when we go back? Shutu.

Tani, see what I found? Oh wow Shutu. What’s that? That’s a butterfly.

They are drinking spirits. And calling spirits as well.

Who in this room is going to die first? Is it going to be Mimi? Shutu? Seriously? Guys! Wow.

A spirit dances on the mulberry tree, prancing about with ghostly glee.

Tani? She must be with Shutu.

Tani is not with you? No.

Vikram, stop it.

Tani! He has been with her everyday and you never had a problem.