Dialogues of Movie Bad Santa 2 – This movie is a Black Comedy Crime Sequel


When some asks for strange things

What can I get you? A stuffed cat that moves but doesn’t poop, some duct tape so I can build a boat.

Not everything you hear is believable

I want Minecraft Halo 5: Guardians, Assassin’s Creed Chronicles Trilogy… That’s great, that’s great. I don’t know. I have no idea what that shit is. You could be speaking fucking Swahili now and I wouldn’t know any better.

Mind your own business

Why do you have two beards? That’s a none of your fucking business.

When someone stare at you

What can Santa Claus get you? What the hell are you looking at me so funny for?

Some people can’t change their behavior

Ho, ho, Merry Christmas. Feed the starving children. Come on, you fucking dickheads!

Everyone running after money

We got a job. I’m talking millions this time. Can you still crack a safe? Or did you get carpal tunnel from jacking off?

Three foot ass

It must have been packed to the gills if they couldn’t cram your three foot ass in there.

When someone does extreme things

I know we left on bad terms. You tried to murder me.

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