Dialogues of Movie ‘Keeping Up with the Joneses’ – Nice movie with all kinds of entertainment


This movie is about a beautiful couple, their neighbors, suburban life, spying, comedy and discovering something new as the film moves. Here are some of the beautiful dialogues of the film.

Every job has its own advantages

This is what I love about HR; you learn these little intricacies about people.

When you try to make a plan to do something

Honey, what am I really doing this summer? I mean sent the kids away to camp, I’m redesigning bathrooms.

When you do crazy things

Think Brooklyn, exposed brick and a urinal.

People observe people

The new neighbors aren’t wasting time moving in, are they?

Mind your own business

Still spying on the new neighbors?

When you find something cool

Such a lovely street.

When you make fun

The Chinese don’t even have a word for a street like this. They would say…

Everyone has his/her unique style of doing things

It sounds cool coming out of your mouth.

People easily notice strange things and behavior

Do you know that there’s something off about them. They’re both so overly accomplished and stylish.

When a conversation becomes too lengthy

Welcome to the Cobra Club! A little different than you expected, huh? That looks like a real snake. Snake wine, that’s real cobra. Do you have tap?

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