Dialogues of Movie ‘Shut In’ – A Psychological Thriller


Way to introduce someone

That’s not my son, it’s just a body that I feed and wash and clothe.

When you lose someone

How’s Steven doing? Same as last week and the week before. I lost him that day I lost Richard in the car.

Losing someone is really painful

He’s dealing with a lot of grief after his mom died.

Life is all about decision making

We’re moving him to Boston. Is that really necessary? He can just stay here.

When you sense something

It’s like I had my little boy back.

Truth is always better

Hi, Mary. How is it all going? To tell you the truth I think it’ll be good for all of us.

When it’s all about analyzing things

Authorities have stated that the child could not have survived the severe drop in temperature.

Never feel negative

I feel so guilty. You cannot blame yourself.

We miss people who are close to our heart

I haven’t been sleeping that well. I saw Tom, but everybody’s been saying that he’s dead.

Taking proper sleep is very important

Your sleep problems are making it difficult for you to distinguish your nightmares from reality.

When you see something strange

No, something is happening! Steven has scratches on his face!

Sometime it becomes difficult to understand whether to believe or not to believe in ghosts

Listen to what you’re saying, you’re talking about ghosts!

When you are confident about something

Something’s going on and not just in my head, I can prove it!

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