Dialogues of Movie ‘The Great Wall’ – A Fantasy action adventure is all about War and Weapons


This is a Fantasy action adventure movie. The movie revolves around story of “an elite force making a valiant stand for humanity on the world’s most iconic structure”.

The world is playing weapon – weapon

We have traveled thousands of miles in search of a weapon more powerful than we’ve ever known.

No one knows when trade turns to something else

Why are you here? We came to trade. You lie. You are thieves!

Some people take birth to fight

What was that? They’ve trained all their lives for this war.

No war has every provided any solution

The Great War was the only barrier keeping the world safe.

Fight is the worst thing

Let me fight with you.

Everyone makes their own choices

This is where you choose to die. Good luck with that.

When fight; fight bravely

Stay and fight.

Heroism comes from your actions

Do you think they see you as some kind of hero?

Every war is different

I was born into battle. I fought for greed and gods. This is the first war I’ve seen worth fighting.

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