Dialogues of Underworld: Blood Wars – This Movie is an Action Horror Sequel


As the name suggests the movie is all about brutal attacks, eternal war, sacrifice and many other things put together. Here are some beautiful dialogues from the movie.

Some things doesn’t stop

The Vampire and Lycan clans have been at war for centuries, turning our world into a battlefield.

When your patience limits are crossed

For me, the fight is personal. Everyone I’ve ever loved has been hunted down. Now a new war is being waged.

Things never end; they come with a new style

Selene, the Lycans are moving again. They have a new leader, Marius.

Blood, the word itself is scary

Well, it’s not with you! He wants the blood of you and your daughter.

Everything needs communication

I need you to deliver a message. Tell you Marius I’m coming for him.

People look at things from different perspective

Do you understand your message?

We look at future based on past events

She is the key to the futures of Lycans and vampires. And when we have the blood of Selene and her daughter we will be invincible.

Everyone feels powerful

I will be more powerful than any vampire in this coven.

Always kill the root cause

We must not rest until we have destroyed their final sanctuary.

Sometime you want conclusion

We need Selene to end the war.

When you want your message to get conveyed

Tell your Marius I’m not finished with this war.

Again blood itself is a scary word

Selene’s blood is the key. You will be invincible.

Before you fight a war, understand it well

If you want to win this war you will need to go further than even a warrior of your renown has ever ventured before.

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