Dongri ka Raja – An upcoming movie based on love story between the clutches of Underworld


Dongri, as famous by the name that many of the dreadful gangsters have ruled the area in their decades, starting from Haji Mastan to Karimlala to Dawood Ibrahim. These were some of the gangsters that have born there and ruled the area with their fear. Dongri is that part of Mumbai area where a local resident would feel a normal type of fear which would grip him to his nerves and as the name and its reputation goes, Dongri is still haunted by goons and gangsters.

Amidst all the prevailing stories on Dongri, here comes another intriguing tale titled a Dongri Ka Raja which shows the truth of Underworld operations and their rule on Dongri and also keeps love within with danger lurking close.

As the promo goes of film, it’s clear that the tale shown is definitely a promising one with some wonderful actors like Ronit Roy.

The major plot of the story revolves around Dongri and the central characters. A police inspector in disguise, a girl whom she is in love with the inspector and a big bad boss played by Ronit Roy who is actually the king of Dongri in present time. The police inspector Siddhnath Prabhu aims to be the king of Dongri one day and he is the same guy who has been raised under the supervision of his boss, Ronit Roy. Thing take a strange turn when the so called police inspector falls in love and there begins the real trap. He took on rivalry with the most notorious gang and things started to unfold with a blood battle.

The promo of Dongri Ka Raja looks promising as well as edging.

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