‘Get Out’ Movie Dialogues – A story of young black men disappearing


When you are asked many questions

Have you got your toothbrush? Do you have your computer? Do you have your computer?

Exploding news

“Mom and dad, my black boyfriend will be coming up this weekend. I just don’t want you to be shocked that he’s a black man.”

When you look strange

I ain’t never seen you like this before, bro. Meeting families and taking a road trip, don’t come back up all bougie, man, come back and got your damn pants up to your damn stomach.

You can’t mess with officers

So are you guys coming up from the city? Yeah, we’re just heading up for the weekend. Can I see your license please? He wasn’t driving. I didn’t ask who was driving, I asked to see his ID.

Happy expressions

Call me Dean. I’m going to hug you, my man.

When you want to know things in detail

So how long has this been going on, this, this thing?

Life is complex

We hired Georgina and Walter to help care for my parents. When they died I couldn’t bear to let them go.

Smoking is bad for health

Do you smoke in front of my daughter? I’m going to quit.

This also happens

If there’s too many white people I get nervous.

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