Girliyapa featuring Alia Bhatt and Jeetu, Dear Zindagi – Handling break-Ups


Filmmakers leave no stone unturned when it to the promotion of their film and Dear Zindagi has the best way to relive stress in the most light way. Alia Bhatt features in Girliyapa and handles her break-up in a sweetest way.

Having no tensions of what had happened and what would go next, the short web series focuses on how to handle a break-up and how to carry on with your Dear Zindagi. Thought it’s one of the promotional activities of the film but it also to do all with you. This is a perfect guide to handle Break-up.

From shedding tears to Jagjit Singh ghazals, Alia’s two friends are forcing her to be sad on her break-up but she remains untouched. Kaira in her happy-go-lucky way handles ups and downs of her life. She remains calm and happy as she clicks a selfie with her ex-boyfriend.

Dear Zindagi has all the elements and those shouldn’t be wasted for anyone.

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