‘Gold’ Movie Dialogues – Drama Thriller Story of a Modern-Day Prospector

‘Gold’ Movie Dialogues – Drama Thriller Story of a Modern-Day Prospector

Mr. Kenny Wells, why don’t you start from the beginning.

It was April, ’88. I’d lost my house. I lost everything. I was on the balls of my ass, scrambling. Most people would have been dead, but not me. I had a dream. Gold. Just haven’t found it yet.

I had a dream, it was like I was being called. It was gold calling. Gold.

So if you’ll take a second and look at the  plan, you will see what I see, and that’s money.

This gold business hooked me on a few years ago, but it’s amazing how a little gold dust can just change everything.

You know it’s still out there. We just haven’t found it yet. So let’s prove them wrong. You and me.

I had a dream, right here, Indonesia, that’s where we’ll find the gold.

We found nothing and the workers are leaving.

There’s no way I could possibly describe the feeling.

Now for better or worse the ride had begun, and what a goddamn ride.

I never doubted you for a second.

They were coming at me from all sides.

How does it feel, to discover something that everybody wants?

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