Halima Aiden- 19 year old Muslim girl is now first fully covered contestant at the Miss Minnesota beauty pageant

Pic: Solopos.com

Sometimes being unique and doing things differently from the others create noises. A Muslim girl Halima Aiden from USA of age 19 is now in the limelight. This young girl Halima Aiden has caught the attention of many all over now as she is the first fully covered participant at the famous Miss Minnesota beauty pageant.

It is now said that she had shaken up the beauty industry by her way of dressing as she wore Hijab and burkini in the swimsuit round of this beauty contest. According to Halima Aiden changing the misconceptions about Islam is very important and she is doing her part in that.

Halima Aiden is also of the view that everybody wants to stand out and be unique and no one was born to blend. She also expressed her thoughts and said how for many years she thought being different from others was a negative and how she realised that being unique is very important to get noticed. Halima Aiden spoke about how boring it would be if everybody in this world were the same.

As a refugee from Somali this Halima Aiden went to USA and at that time she was just 7 years old. Rukia Aiden who is the mother of Halima Aiden expressed her delight and said she supported her daughter Halima totally. Halima felt happy that people in USA could wear as per their wishes and they have great freedom. It is important to note that Meridith Gould was given Miss Minnesota title.

Halima Aiden is now inspiring many other Muslim women with her unique and different attitude. Superb!!

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