‘Hidden Figures’ Movie Dialogues – Bio-Drama which tells the untold True Story of 3 Brilliant African-American Women


The collateral, trapezoid, isosceles, tetrahedron.

I’ve never seen a mind like the one your daughter has. You have to see what she becomes.

Russians have spy satellites, they’re taking pictures of God knows what! Get us up there, Harrison, so we can justify a space program that doesn’t put anything in space.

We’re putting a human into space.

We bring him in too soon, he burns up on reentry.

Katherine, we’re all going to end up unemployed riding around in this pile of junk.

You’re welcome to walk the sixteen miles.

We’re just on our way to work at NASA, sir.

There’s quite a few women working in the space program.

Do you know what we’re doing here, we’re putting a human on top of a missile shooting into space and it’s never been done before.

I need a mathematician that can look beyond the numbers, a math that doesn’t yet exist, before the Russians plant a flag on the damn moon.

Space test needs a computer. Do you have someone?

Yeah, Katherine is the gal for that. She can handle any number you put in front of her.

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