How Inspirational Quotes from DJ Khaled were used to create one Melodious Song


D J Khaled is an extremely popular DJ, record producer, radio personality and record label executive, all rolled into one. Khaled Mohammed Khaled or DJ Khaled, as he is popularly known as, has created quite a sensation due to the inspirational quotes he uses in his songs. Khaled calls them “the Keys” and he regularly posts them on Snapchat and their popularity has certainly gone through the roof. These keys are “You played yourself”, “It costs money to eat”, “Another one” to name a few.

They have become so popular that an imaginative London musician has used all these keys in a beautiful acoustic song. Jamie Grey, the musician, has used the services of LIG Choir to create a lovely three-minute song by weaving the Khaled quotes into the song. This extremely hummable song created a video that was posted on YouTube, but it was when DJ Khaled discovered this song and promoted it on Twitter, SnapChat and Instagram, that its popularity has risen.

The lyrics go as follows:

“They never said winning was easy, I remember I ain’t have no Jacuzzi,”

“Cause they don’t want you to win, want you to win;

The key is to make it;

Always have faith, always have hope;

The key is never to fold.”

Pretty interesting and inspiring lyrics, all rolled together in one wholesome song. Watch this song here!

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