I Heart Me – Alia Bhatt’s awesome video by Blush is all about loving yourself for what you are


It is very important to love yourself and simply forget about the image you have created on the outside world and what people think about you. We are bound to face all kinds of problems in our daily life which leads to an insecure feeling within us.

This fast-paced video featuring Alia Bhatt, is all about these insecurities that creep up in our lives and makes us think that we aren’t as good as the rest of the world. Especially with the social media becoming an important part of our lives, we are pressurized to create a likeable image and when that doesn’t happen, things take a turn for the worse.

Alia Bhatt is on a video call with her best friends where one keeps complaining about the size of her nose and why she hasn’t received enough likes for her photograph. Another friend is worried about her boyfriend not responding to her online. They keep mocking Alia for not having to face all the regular problems they face. Alia then shows them the various comments made about her, questioning her intelligence and how the media makes a scapegoat out of her.

The video tells us how important it is to love ourselves without worrying about the world. It is not what the world perceives us to be, but about what we feel about ourselves that matters the most. “I Heart Me” and “Dear Zindagi” focusses on this and is a wonderful video to watch and learn from.

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