In Turkey there is a Dance Troupe that Dances to the Indian Tunes even though they don’t know the language


It is highly incredible to think that there is a troupe in Turkey that dances to our Indian based tunes. It is known that the city of Istanbul in Turkey is around 3000 miles from India and it is in this Istanbul a dancing troupe has caught the attention of many now. It is interesting to note that the troupe members do not understand the abcd of the Hindi language but still dances to the beautiful tunes like ‘’Chikni Chameli’’ or ‘’Jadu ki Jappi’’ etc and is mind blowing.

Durga Bollywood Dance Company in Istanbul in Turkey is very famous these days and the people Irmak Eynic and Sabriye Kavuncu played important roles to start this company which is sensational now. It is now said that the company has been named ‘’Durga’’ because of the goddess Dugra who is known for her feminine power.

This superb group has got members from turkey and also from other nations and is doing superbly. It must be noted that this Durga Bollywood Dance Company was launched in the month of May in 2015 and Irmak and Sabriye were responsible for that.

This dance troupe is now popular for its Bollywood based dance shows and the incredible part is the members don’t know the language but they love the music, costumes of Bollywood industry. It is now brought out that the film Devdas with the song ‘’MaarDaala’’ was responsible for Irmak and Sabriye to learn Bollywood type dance and moments with great actress Madhuri Dixit increased the passion towards Indian music.

The superb piece of news that would surprise many is the troupe members could dance Bangra, Bharatanatyam , Garba etc.

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