Indian-American Kid Tiara Abraham has Released Her First Album in Six Languages

Pic: Facebook / SopranoTiara

Indian-American girl Tiara Abraham of age ten is the talk of the town now. This kid had recently released her first album in as many as six languages and her superb collection of nine world holiday songs have made superb impression on many listeners all over.

It is superb to note that classic carols plus holiday songs in languages like Spanish, English, Italian plus German, French and Latin were simply superb and her album titled ‘’Winter Nightingale’’ was sensational.

It is now revealed that the Abrahams are second generation people who had come from Kerala in India and got settled in USA in search of greener pastures.

American River College located at Sacramento in California in USA must feel proud that its student Tiara Abraham has done splendidly now and she has caught the attention of many with her superb contributions.

It must be noted that it was from the above school her brother graduated in the year 2015. This Tiara Abraham who had surprised many has got superb plans for the future. It is now said that in future she wants to become soprano opera classical singer.

One important piece of information about Tiara is she entered college at the age of seven and she is the younger sister of Tanishq Abraham who did exceptionally in the reality show ‘’Child Genius’’. Superb Tiara Abraham!!

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