Indian Female Comedians Making us Proud and Rising with their Sense of Humor

Comedian, one who makes us laugh through his/her talent or say ability. He/she is the one who known all the tactics behind as they pick up the subjects relating to the lives of common people and expand them as possible while some stand as mimicry artists and the only job is to pull the leg of others but all the purpose stand behind is laughter. Now a days there are not only males who are ruling as comedians but also we now have female comedians who are taking a proper stand and emerging out as winner.

Here is the list of some known female comedians.

Bharti Singh

Popular as the fat comedian. Started as a participant on various comedy shows now hosts her own show where she entertains public with her humor. Bharti Singh is termed as a different comedian who takes on laughter with hard jokes, mainly on celebrities.


Neeti Palta

The stand-up comedian who takes on the female side and mostly satirical views. She had videos on You Tube and has many followers. She brings on the female perspective, their views on life and other related stories.


Aditi Mittal

The first women to do stand-up comedy. Aditi Mittal has been featured with other stand-up comedians too and she mostly stands for English stand-up comedy. Been famous for her sarcastic humor, she takes social relatively issues.

Pic: YouTube

Radhika Vaz

A comedian and an writer. Radhika Vaz has points on women’s subjects and then became famous who went nude just to prove her points on what’s right on being a women.


Purbi Joshi

The comedy Circus comedian who has also done various films as a comedian and entertained her audiences. Purbi Joshi also acted as a mimicry artist and copied many actors and actresses of Bollywood.

Pic: YouTube

Sugandha Mishra

A comedian who is famous as a singer. She has been a part of many comedy shows and now is seen in comedy Nights with Kapil. Sugandha Mishra entertains with her humor. She copied singers well.


Punya Arora

An entertainment official. Punya Arora focuses on everyday day life and showcases the reflection of lives, putting them in a humorous way and taking a level with much different perspective.

Pic: YouTube

Jamie Lever

Daughter of the famous comedian, Johnny Lever and is the Indian stand-up comedian. She had done various comedy shows including comedy circus. Jamie Lever has made her own personality in the stand-up comedy. Also featured in film Kis Kis ko pyaar karoon.

Pic: Harishzone

Sonali Thakker

The best in stand-up comedy. Sonali Thakker is refered as the comedian for whom a comedy is one such logical step which she often showcases in her punches. She is famous for doing stand-up comedies.

Pic: Justdial

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