Inspiring Quotes of Bonang Matheba the True “Queen of Africa”

Pic: Twitter @bonang_m

A little black girl from Mafikeng could never imagine it being possible.

I think anybody that knows me knows my rules — silence has a lot of power.

I still wake up every morning in awe of how blessed I’ve been.

Watching my hard work and dedication manifest into so many incredible achievements is enough to leave anyone in a state of disbelief sometimes.

Waking up every morning, healthy and happy, to do something I LOVE! I’ve found my God given purpose and THAT for me is the greatest achievement.

Yes. I’m a bit of an over-achiever, in school, in life and in everything I put my mind to.

At 13, I knew and then at 15, I actually did something about it but I knew from a very, very young age that I wanted to be on Television specifically TV presenting, nothing else. Everything else kind of found me as I grew into entertainment.

I have got a great team, I’ve got a great PR team, I’ve got a great bookings team, I’ve got a great accounting team, a glam squad and it’s just a collective effort.

Yes‚ I’m happy. There’s less drama in my life‚ my life is more peaceful and I’m a lot more chilled.

You need to go through hell before you realise how good you had it or how good you could have it. I’m grateful for all the mistakes I made. I’m a better person because of everything I’ve been through.

That’s 2015. Life is good and that wave has passed.

The beauty about all social media platforms is that there’s a block button. When it’s meant to destroy, degrade, demoralize, I block it out of my timeline.

I don’t need to expose myself to negativity. But I do heed and note constructive criticism meant to build and motivate.

I am the biggest goofball I know. I love to have fun and to make people happy, I cook and we just eat away, laugh and of course dance.

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