Inspiring Quotes of Kapil Sharma – King of Comedy in India


I used to stay in a small place at Mira Road earlier. Today, I have three to four flats and have an office in Mumbai will God’s grace.

I am happy. I don’t know what will happen in the next five years. I don’t know what will happen in the next five minutes. I don’t think so much.

If we have PM Modi on the show we will not talk about politics, party and all. I would love to know how a man from a small town has come this far and became the PM of our country. It’s an inspirational story. I will try and talk to him.

I feel it is good that show got over as we got the opportunity to do something different as the characters were fixed. Now that we have a new show, everyone is excited. We are making a different show.

It feels great to have a show with your name (in the title); it rarely happens in India. We are doing well and are getting the highest TRPs among non-fiction shows.

If you offer good content, people love you. Every comedian dreams of having his own show and I did too. As for the risk, I was looking to establish my production house.

I started doing theatre in college, but did not have money to give the fees. But since I was good in theatre, various colleges sponsored my education, so that I could represent them in the youth festivals.

I spent less time with my father earlier, but I spent time with him in his last days, when we had taken him to AIIMS for his treatment. Every parent has expectations from their children to go and earn. But he was very large-hearted and never expected anything from me.

The show was no cakewalk. I struggled close to 15 years looking for work. I did theatre, minor roles and private shows. There were times when I wouldn’t even get paid, but I still worked hard because I loved acting.

Entertainment is such a field where success doesn’t come to you in instantly — there are no promotions and no free lunches. You need years of hardwork, dedication and some good luck.

When you have to leave your own show it feels really bad. Never mind we will come back. When we started, we had made a small 26–episode series, but we ended up doing almost 200 episodes.

I am inundated by messages asking me not to stop the show. I feel like it’s my responsibility to continue and I shouldn’t take a break. I will come back with something fresh. I am sure people will love that show as much they loved Comedy Nights With Kapil.

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