Inspiring Story of Rakesh Udiyar : From Selling Candies in Trains to Becoming Fitness Trainer for Actor Aamir Khan


Rakesh Udiyar has been sensational in his life and has got noticed by many now. Starting his life from selling candies in trains this Rakesh Udiyar has grown up to great extent and is now the fitness trainers for actors Aamir Khan, Salman Khan and others. Incredible isn’t it!!

It is interesting to note that previously this Rakesh Udiyar sold candies and bobby pins on many Mumbai local trains plus he delivered food for dhaba and he also worked as sweeper in a gym to make both ends meet. He has got a superb philosophy in life. According to Rakesh Udiyar every situation in life is important and there is nothing like hopeless situation. His positive nature has surprised many around him and he was spoken highly by many.

It is worthy to mention that this humble Rakesh Udiyar likes the book series titled ‘’The Secret’’ and he had read that book many times. It is now confirmed that his determination, perseverance etc has taken him to amazing heights now.

It is sad that his dad was affected by paralysis and pressure of the family fell on his and his brother shoulders and they sold candies etc in local trains in Mumbai to get money for their living.

Rakesh Udiyar spoke about how he was good at sports and how he played Kabbadi in school. He further threw light on how he was so interested in fitness and health and also about his gym life. He spoke his heart out about his friends Anil and Ashok who supported him when he was low in his life. Superb Rakesh Udiyar!!

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