Kahani 2 Trailer: Super Speedy And Damn Intriguing


Sujoy Ghosh and Vidhya Balan are back with their Kahani franchise and it will definitely leave you to want more. First in the year 2012 they came up with Kahani, where a pregnant wife is looking for her missing husband. It was a suspense thriller which had chilling twists and turns that made it one of the biggest hit of that year.

Now Sujoy has released the first teaser of his Kahani 2, which comes at a roller coaster speed and keeps you hooked throughout. It starts with a hit and run case where Durga Rani Singh (well it seems to be Vidhya’s name but in Sujoy’s movie you never know from where a new link and twist comes) vamoose into coma.

Arjun Rampal is the police incharge to investigate the case and while his surveillance he got to know that Durga is a mother of daughter and has charges of kidnapping and murdering against her. We also saw few glimpse of Jugal Hansraj and it seems that in this movie he is no more innocent, well we can only predict.

The teaser is really powerful and after watching it you would surely want to know more, but for that you have to watch Kahani 2 releasing on 2nd December 2016.

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