Learn more about Sonakshi Sinha’s efforts in staying in shape by losing weight

Pic: buzzpickers.com

Sonakshi Sinha’s journey of transformation in becoming fit and staying in shape is an inspiring one. She works out and follows a daily routine,find out more.

In a recent interview with Devang Bhatt, Sonakshi mentioned that she was always on the heavier side when she was a kid and hence she it  never occurred to her that she could act in movies.  However around the age of 16, she started getting health issue,she would get breathless while climbing stairs and therefore, she decided to shed the extra weight and become fit. And there began her major makeover launch and finally on Salman’s insistence she signed the movie Dabangg. She was just told to do the movie and thus had to get in shape which meant losing 30 kilos!

She took her weight loss very seriously and worked on a strict diet to get that rustic look.Salman helped her and made sure that she maintained her gym routine for 2 hours every day after the shoot .She missed on her favourite food. She ate small, well-balanced low carb,high protein diet and frequent meals to keep her metabolism up through the day.She even included hot yoga and spinning in her workout routine to improve her flexibility. Her celebrity fitness trainer, Yasmin Karachiwala advised her to keep herself hydrated always and avoid eating carbs after 6 pm.

Though she occasionally indulges in her favourite junk foods ,her daily meals are balanced and healthy.She works out regularly to maintain her weight.Sonakshi believes that there’s nothing like quick weight loss, it’s a long process which requires time, consistent effort and a major lifestyle change. She feels that we must just make up our mind and get going !

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