Martin Scorsese film named ‘’Silence’’ took over 20 years to make and the trailer of the film is out now


Born on 17th November in 1942 Martin Scorsese is a popular USA based director plus screenwriter plus actor plus producer who has made many sit up and take notice of his superb skills. It is sensational to note that his film career is of 53 years and in these years he had made a name for him with some sensational films and he had won many awards.

It is really unbelievable that he got married five times in his life. It was in the year 1997 he made many heads turn when he received AFI Life Achievement Award.

It is now said that his film titled ‘’Silence’’ would hit the movie halls this 23rd December and is eagerly awaited film by many all over. It is really surprising that this film took 20 years to make and has been making noises.

The trailer of this film took many by surprise and was superb. It must be noted that this film is set in the 17th century and two Jesuit priests Adam Driver and Andrew Garfield were in the process of finding their mentor in a Japanese jungle. This mentor’s role is taken up by an actor named Liam Neeson from North Ireland.

It is clear from the trailer that these two person efforts to trace their mentor and spread Christianity are met with violence.

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