Meenu Palta- This Chandigarh based singer has come up with a single solo titled ‘’Aate Jate Yun Hi’’ and is highly inspiring now

Pic: YouTube

Chandigarh based Meenu Palta is superb singer is known. Meenu Palta latest single solo song named ’’Aate Jate Yun Hi’’ has been spoken in high esteem by many now.

It is said that this superb solo song by her has been very inspiring for youngsters and it deals with happiness, love and positivity. It must be noted that Mumbai based Crescendo Music is responsible for the release of this song sung by her and Sargam Jassu is the music director.

It is now confirmed that Meenu Palta has arrived in the world of playback singing with this sensational single. The students at the famous Carmel Convent School must feel happy and proud that their teacher Meenu Palta has reached superb heights in her career. Menu Palta spoke about what makes her to teach music to her students.

She said that relationship she shares with her students is superb and she feels happy to quench her students thirst in music. She also spoke about how she wanted to share her music knowledge with students.

It must not be forgotten that her ‘’Saat Rang Ke Sapne’’ released last year was spoken highly by many. It must be noted that this 36 year old Meenu Palta has got masters degree in music vocal and master’s in education and is doing superbly as music plus dance teacher currently in Carmel Convent School in Chandigarh, Punjab. Awesome Meenu Palta!!

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