Moh Maya Money – A film about Money, Crime and Human Greed


Money is the root cause of all evil and in greed we trust. Upon observing closely, the two sentences share the same meaning and same is Moh Maya Money. The latest 2016 upcoming Movie starring Ranvir Shorey and Neha Dhupia.

A young real estate agent tries to pull off a scam, but everything goes horribly wrong and this forms the rest of the plot. There are many evils in our society that are prevailing within us and one such strong evil is money, if taken for a greedy purpose. Repaying it may cost you your life.

Moh Maya Money is a story about a married couple played by Ranvir and Neha. Ranvir as projected in promo is tired of being a middle class and thus try to get some quick bucks and in the purpose, Ranvir who acts a real estate broker shares a big deal with a local dealer to grab more profit and then happened a series of unfortunate events that led Ranvir to his tragedy and in the meanwhile, Neha Dhupia, his wife try to get him out of the wrong way.

How greed can turn into a dangerous plot is the real motto of the film. The promo definitely marks a suspense. The film also mention white collar crimes and its consequences.

The Moh Maya Money film is directed by debutant director Munish Bhardwaj and Produced by Sandeep Narula and is all set to release on November 11, 2016.

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